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Amycus’ Birthday

30th September is the birthday of Amycus Derby, one of the main characters in Fire and Ice. He is also the protagonist in my second novel, Forever Alone.
Amycus is often overlooked by the other characters, and he has spent his entire life alone. He was brought up in an orphanage, and he never had any friends there. No one ever even called him by his first name.

They nicknamed him ‘Friendless’ which wasn’t creative or original, but it was true and that hurt. He dreamed that one day, he would find someone who cared about him.
Although most of the characters in the book either treat Amycus badly or ignore him completely, he is one of my favourite characters, because he puts up with so much, he’s been through a lot and come out strong and still desperately trying to cling onto his dreams.
Amycus is an intelligent young man, and he works at Newgate High School. Although many other people will say that there is nothing more to him than that neutral expression, Amycus Derby really is worth getting to know.

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