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My Graphic Novels

After I finished writing Fire and Ice, and started Forever Alone, I worked on something else as well. I seem to have a strange obsession with drawing even though I’m not very good at it. But my drawings do have their own style and are individual and unique, so I carry on drawing anyway.
I started drawing the story of Fire and Ice. For every page of the book, there is a drawing in my notebook. I’ve now finished the graphic novels of Fire and Ice and Forever Alone, and I’ve started doing one for Heart on Fire. (These are only for my own reading pleasure, of course.)

I don’t even know why I do so much drawing, but I do feel an immense sense of achievement when I’ve done it, and I enjoy reading through my books and having pictures to go along with it.
The problem is, the images of my characters are so clear in my head, and I struggle to portray that in my drawings. But seeing as I’m the only one who knows what they’re actually really supposed to look like, I have to at least try. And so I now have 2 complete graphic novels, with a picture for every page of my first 2 books. And they took me longer than it took me to write the novels. But I did enjoy making them. Maybe one day I'll find the right artist to portray them through illustration.

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