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Song of Hesperus

This song is from one of my stories which I am yet to write. In the story – Timeless – the song is sung by Hesperus, the evening star in Greek mythology. The main character, Astra, has been cursed by Hades, so that she will live forever. The Greek gods did everything they could to help her live a normal life. She’s had so many different names now, and every single time, they’ve made her forget. They have now decided it’s time for her to remember. So they will play music from an enchanted music box, and Hesperus – who was always closest to Astra – will sing along. His singing will lull her to sleep and when she wakes up, she’ll remember. These are the lyrics of the song he sings:

Much time has passed by
Since we were friends
But I still remember
The time we spent, day by day
What I wouldn’t give
To have you remember me

To make up for the lost time
I will give you my heart
The life you’re living
Is infinite and timeless
I just hope that soon
You’ll remember me

You were forced to move on
Your memories were gone
And I still remember
But I had a job to do
I’ve been watching you from the night sky
Please remember me

Oh, there were other stars
But you were my sun
My life was perfect once
I want to end my misery, your confusion
I’m going to find you now
And you’ll remember me

I never knew if you cared
In the same way I did
I’ve missed you too long now
I said your name every night
Oh, I looked down and I saw you
My only wish was you’d remember me

I fail to comprehend
Why you were cursed
But I wish you’d come back to me
My sunrise, come back to me
Never again will I leave your side
When you remember me

It caused me so much pain
It really broke my heart
To see you there and not knowing
Now I’m just another star in the night
So please, oh please
Remember me.

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